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How to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi Ts3122

Like all modern digital devices, your Canon TS3122 printer is heavily dependent on connectivity. You can connect your printer to your WiFi network and avoid the hassle of tangled wires if it supports WiFi. Printing from a variety of devices is a breeze with this. We will show you how to connect your Canon TS3122 printer to WiFi in this comprehensive guide so that you can print without any issues. Let’s read about “How to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi Ts3122?”.

I. Understanding Your Canon TS3122 Printer:

Before starting the WiFi arrangement process, guarantee that you are know about your Standard TS3122 printer. As an across the board inkjet printer, the TS3122 can print, sweep, and duplicate remotely. Its remote capacities are fundamental for present day families and endeavors.

II. Prerequisites:

Before you feel free to set up the WiFi, ensure these things are set up:

A reliable WiFi area of interest with a proper SSID (network name) and secret word.
Utilize a WiFi-empowered gadget to interface your Standard TS3122 printer.
Each PC, tablet, or cell phone that can associate with a similar remote organization.
Either the Standard TS3122 arrangement Compact disc or a way to download the product from Group’s site.

III. Step-by-Step Guide

How to Connect Canon TS3122 Printer to WiFi:

For your Group TS3122 printer, the important stages to design WiFi are as per the following:

  • Power On the Printer: Before utilizing your Ordinance TS3122 printer, ensure it is turned on. In the event that it isn’t turned on as of now, press the power button to turn it on.
  • Check the LCD Screen:  For instructions on setting up the WiFi, look at the LCD display on the printer. To complete the movement, simply adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Access the WiFi Setup Mode: Getting to the WiFi Arrangement Mode requires Holding down the button will cause the WiFi light on your printer to streak. The printer appears to have activated a WiFi setup mode.
  • Download and Install Canon Printer Software: You might get the product from Standard’s site or utilize the arrangement Disc that accompanied your printer to introduce it. Simply adhere to the on-screen guidelines to introduce the drivers and programming.
  • Select Connection Method: You will be provoked to pick an association strategy all through the program establishment process. Select “Remote LAN Association.”
  • Choose Your WiFi Network: The application will check the region for accessible WiFi areas of interest. Enter your WiFi network’s password when prompted.
  • Complete the Setup: Simply continue to adhere to the on-screen guidelines until you’ve wrapped setting everything up.
  • Print a Test Page: After the setup is finished, you can look at the printer’s LCD screen or the software on your computer to see if the WiFi connection worked.
  • Connect Additional Devices: You can check whether the association is working accurately by doing this. You might do this utilizing the control board on your printer or the product on your PC.
    Because of the development of WiFi organizations, a great many gadgets, including PCs, tablets, and cell phones, can now print remotely.
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IV. Troubleshooting Tips:

Here are a few things you might do in the event that you have any issues while designing your WiFi:

Check WiFi Signal Strength: Ensure there are no deterrents obstructing the Wireless association and move the printer to a place where it won’t be impeded.
Verify SSID and Password: Ensure you know the right SSID and secret word for your WiFi network before you attempt to get to it.
Restart the Printer: After that, you could try power cycling the Canon TS3122 printer and going through the setup process all over again if the connectivity issues continue.
Update Printer Firmware: Find firmware refreshes for your printer on Group’s site. If they are present, put them in place.
Contact Canon Support: Don’t be afraid to contact Canon’s customer service if all else fails. They can assist you if you’re having connectivity issues.


Q: How do I connect my Canon TS3122 printer to WiFi?

The Group TS3122 printer might be effectively connected to WiFi by adhering to the definite directions remembered for the client manual or by counseling our careful aide.

Q: Can I connect my Canon printer to any WiFi network?

You can connect your Canon TS3122 printer to any WiFi network within range if you know its SSID and password.

Q: What if I forget my WiFi password during the setup process?

The right WiFi secret key should be placed during arrangement, so watch out. If you ever forget, you can always access your router’s settings or contact your Internet service provider for assistance.

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Q: Is it necessary to install additional software for the WiFi setup?

The Canon printer software needs to be installed on your computer or device in order for the wireless connection configuration to work properly.

Q: How do I check the WiFi connection status on my Canon TS3122 printer?

After the arrangement is done, you might check the Wireless association status on the printer’s LCD screen or in your PC’s settings.

Q: Can I print from multiple devices once the WiFi setup is complete?

Indeed, when you’ve connected it to the WiFi organization, your Ordinance TS3122 printer might be gotten to and printed from various gadgets.


If you have any desire to print from various gadgets without being restricted by wires, interfacing your Group TS3122 printer to WiFi is a boon. Ensure your Ordinance TS3122 printer’s WiFi arrangement goes off according to plan by adhering to the definite guidelines and remembering the investigating exhortation in this article. Whether you’re at home or the work environment, you’ll see the value in the accommodation that remote printing conveys. I hope you like “How to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi Ts3122?”.

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