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Guidelines for Sending ATT Email to Text Messages

One of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, AT&T is known for its provision of multiple communication services and excellent customer service. You can use ATT email for fulfilling all your basic as well as advanced communication requirements. Besides, ATT’s services allow you to send a text message to a mobile phone using a computer via an email account. Often, users search for how to send ATT email to text messages. In most cases, telecommunications companies offer SMS and MMS services and gateways for free, which converts an email into mobile phone messages. With AT&T, you get a gateway for both the SMS and MMS. Read on to explore how to send short messages to someone using AT&T mobile phone without opting out your computer.

SMS & MMS – The Difference

Since AT&T allows you to send both SMS and MMS through email as a text message, it is crucial that you first understand the difference between the two formats. Abbreviated as SMS, Short Message Service allows you to send a message of up to 160 characters to a mobile phone. If the number of characters exceeds this limit, the message will split up into multiple texts.

In the case of a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), you can use it for sending longer messages including images, video, or audio files. You can use it for sending a photo clicked with a phone’s camera to another mobile phone. Most of the mobile phones today support multimedia messaging services.

How to Send ATT Email to Text Message?

Sending an ATT email to text message requires you to first get a 10-digit mobile phone number with the area code for the person who will receive the message. Once you ensure this, follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the task of sending ATT email to text messages:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the ATT email account.
  2. Use appropriate login credentials to log into your ATT account.
  3. Draft a message of not longer than 160 characters for an SMS; draft the message similar to an email and ensure that the 160-characters are inclusive of the subject.
  4. If there are any media files, attach them to the email. You can use the attachment tool in your email platform for attaching the media files.
  5. Now, for sending the SMS through the AT&T network, enter the recipient’s mobile phone number prior to the carrier gateway in the address bar.
  6. If you want to send an MMS, use the carrier gateway For instance, sending an SMS to a mobile phone number 9876543210, you need to enter “” in the “To” field, whereas, sending an MMS requires you to enter “” in the “To” field.
  7. Click on Send for the recipient to receive the SMS or MMS you sent.
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Tips To Send an Email via Text Message on ATT Network

Now that you have read how to send ATT email to text messages, have a look at how you can ATT send text to email. Sending an ATT text to email requires you to first open the texting or messaging app on your mobile phone. Next, you need to enter an email address in the recipient field, which normally you use to put a mobile phone number. Lastly, compose your message as normal and send it. Your AT&T network service provider will now convert your message into an email.

Sending an email via text message shows up as a regular email and if you attach photos, audio, and video files to it, these are delivered as attachments on the recipient’s mobile phone. However, always ensure that you have appropriate ATT email settings for performing either of the tasks.

Which Method Should You Pick?

Using the ATT text to email method does not allow you to change the subject line. Hence, the message will be sent with no subject. While this can be of no issue for some recipients; however, if you prefer tracking an ongoing task, it could be troublesome.

On the contrary, ATT email to text allows you to find your texts to a single subject line. So, this can be useful in some cases. Try sending yourself a text message from your email with any subject line, for example, “Office Tasks”, and reply to that via text message. Now, every time you have a new office task, the items will add to your list. All the text messages will be delivered to the same email chain, which will ensure easy tracking.

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So, these are some of the effective ways by which you can use ATT email to text messages and ATT send text to email. Follow them the exact way to fulfill your preferences and ensure hassle-free communication using AT&T network.

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