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HP Printer Not Printing | HP Printer Not Taking Paper

HP printers have some general issues that you can encounter while using this device. This guide will assist you in finding the cause of these issues and in the HP Printers troubleshooting. 

Why Is My HP Printer Not Printing

There are several reasons why you are facing HP Printer problems, such as a faulty or outdated printer driver, internet connectivity error, settings errors, and installation errors.

My HP Printer Is Not Printing- Solution Guide 

  1. Check that the ink cartridge has enough ink and the paper type and size in the paper tray and clean paper tray and ink cartridge timely to remove any ink smears.
  2. Delete the print command from the queue and then print your job. Make sure that you set your HP printer as default before printing.
  3. Check your internet connection, the link between the computer and the printer, and the main power supply.
  4. You need to update the printer driver automatically, and if your problem persists, you can reinstall the driver.

HP Printer Not Printing Desired Ink

This issue is one of the general problems among the HP printer wireless range that the printer is working and properly connected to the computer but still does not print the black or the colored ink. 

If the issue lies in the ink cartridge of your HP printer, check if it is empty. You have to keep an eye on the low ink warnings to avoid disruptions in your work.

Change the ink cartridge with the new one and ensure that you put them in their respective slots. If the ink toner is dry, you will face the same issue, and you may have to change the ink cartridge here as well to remove this error.

Why Is My HP Printer Not Printing Black 

  1. You can print the Quality Diagnostic Report of your printer to find the issue in your device. This option is available on the printer tools or settings button on the control panel.
  2. Check the ink level of your cartridges as well and see if it is too low, then it might be the reason for the error as well. Hence, you have to replace the ink cartridge to resolve this issue.
  3. Make sure that you install the ink cartridge appropriately in their respective slots and do not forget to remove the tape from the vent.
  4. If the ink cartridge and the head nozzle is clogged, then you can face the same error. To remove this error, you have to clean it. First, clean it automatically, and if that does not fix the error, then move to manual cleaning.
  5. You can align the printer to resolve HP printer not printing error, turn on the printer and load the paper and click the setup icon from the control icon and go to the tools to open the Align Printer option. It will print the alignment page and then lift the lid of your printer. Now, Place the alignment page on the scanner glass and close the lid and wait for the alignment process to complete.
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HP Printer Not Printing Color

You can take the previous method that you took while solving the black ink issue to resolve the color ink issue as well.

If you find the defect in the color cartridge, you can take the following steps to solve this problem.

  1. Start the printer and load the papers into the tray and open the cartridge lid and wait for the printer to go to an idle state.
  2. Now take the cartridge out without touching copper-colored contacts or ink nozzles.
  3. Insert the refilled ink cartridges into the slot by holding it by sides and keeping the ink nozzle towards the printer and after removing the tape from the vent.
  4. Close the cartridge lid and give the print command after 3 minutes.

HP Printer Not Taking Paper

If your HP printer is not accepting the papers from the tray, it is the sign for Out of Paper error. The main reason for this issue could be dirty paper rolls or not using suitable papers for performing a printing job.

  1. You can reset the ink cartridge and connect it after a while to perform the function. Before the print job, you can turn off the printer from the primary power source and rejoin it after 30 seconds and then make the print task.
  2. You can print the self-diagnostic report of the HP printer to find the error in your system and resolve it accordingly.
  3. Use the paper stack between the range to 10 to 12 and make sure that this stack contains the same type of paper with the same size, which is suitable for HP printers.
  4. Arrange the paper sheets neatly by joining edges and without any folds in them. Also, use the paper sheet without wrinkles, curls, dust.
  5. Clean the paper input tray and rubber paper feed thoroughly using a damp cotton swab. Also, clean the ink smears from the control panel and then load the paper.
  6. Adjust the settings of your printer before printing, go to the properties after clicking the print option form the menu. Now open the Paper/Quality tab, open the Advanced settings option, and set the paper size from the screen to be the same as you are using to print.
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HP Envy Printer Not Printing

HP Envy range of printers varies from each other but fortunately have certain standard features and design in common. Due to which similar troubleshooting techniques can work in all the series. Below, we will review these general errors and solution steps.

Getting Ink Cartridge Error or Compatibility Error

  1. This error can be the result of a dried or dirty ink cartridge. Therefore you can clean that cartridge using a cotton cloth.
  2. After cleaning, you have to reset the printer after a while, by plugging it off from the main switch.
  3. Make sure to remove the plastic tap on the ink tube to enable the smooth ink flow.

Receiving the Error That Cartridge Is Absent

  1. If you fail to install the cartridge, then you can get this missing cartridge error. Therefore use the suitable cartridge according to the printer and ensure its proper installation.
  2. Also, put each ink cartridge in the respective slots.
  3. Clean the cartridge and gold contact as well, reset the printer and then attach it.
  4. On the prompted display message, press OK to confirm it.
HP Envy Printer Not Printing Black Ink Error
  1. To resolve the dry ink issue, you can dab the cartridge on the warm damp paper towel fold in four layers. Wipe extra ink through a dry paper towel. After a minute, when you feel like the ink is in liquid form again, reinsert the cartridge.
  2. Make sure to use the suitable ink cartridges for the HP Envy printer as it might not work correctly if the ink toner is mismatching from the machine.
  3. Go for automatic cleaning of the ink nozzle by the Clean Print head option from the tools, and after the completion of the cleaning process, check the printer for the print job is working accurately or not.
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If your issues keep appearing despite performing the troubleshooting steps in any HP printer series, you can contact the technician through the HP customer service and seek the methods to solve these errors.

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