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Canon Printer Is Not Printing – Canon Printer WIFI Connectivity Error

People need devices and tech these days that can make their work easy and conventional. They work from multiple devices such as Laptops, Computer systems, Mobiles, Tablets, and need coordination in all of them. The same goes for a printer as well as it can be hectic to connect to the PC every time you need to print something. Therefore, people use the Canon printer to fulfill their needs. It is a smart printer that enables you to print from different devices such as a computer, phones, and tablets.

It is common to encounter an error while using a technical device, and users can often face difficulties such as canon printer not responding , canon printer not connected to wifi , canon printer setup ,  and many troubles while working on Canon printers. Hence, we are going to describe all such issues that you can face while connecting to the device or printing and the methods to save yourself.

Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing

There are several steps to solve the Canon printer issues through which you can resolve its error. But it is essential to find out the reason for this error as well. Here are the primary reasons for having this error issue on your printer.

  1. Paper gets jammed on the printer, or if you give so many print commands to it that it hangs the system.
  2. Problems can endure in your wireless connection as well.
  3. Your jobs are not running in sync, or the drives are faulty or outdated.
  4. You did not set up the printer firmware.
  5. You are working with the damaged or incompatible ink cartridges for your Canon printer.
  6. Mismatching of the paper type or size, or you are using outdated software to your printer.
  7. Your Canon printer requires cleaning and renovation regularly.

My Canon Printer Is Not Printing

Here are the steps to troubleshoot this issue with your Canon printer.

  1. You can delete the print instructions and activity from the printer queue option. Open the settings and go to this option to clear the print job that seems extra or faulty.
  2. You can loosen the cartridge header to resolve the paper jam by removing the stuck paper.
  3. You troubleshoot this error by reinstalling the cartridge and resetting the Canon printer.
  4. You can update or reinstall the printer drivers, which are suitable for your Canon printer and work efficiently.
  5. If you are still wondering, why is my Canon printer not printing, then check the load on your WIFI? If it is high, then minimize it and then connect the printer.
  6. If your computer does not connect to the printer automatically, you can attach them manually as well. This issue is another connectivity error that you can face. You need to set your Canon printer as default.
  7. Clean your Canon printer head nozzles and ink cartridges to make sure they work efficiently. If automatic cleaning does not resolve your issue, you can opt for the manual option as well.
  8. Also, do not let the ink dry, low, or get empty by leaving it unused for too long as it can cause printing issues in your computer as well.
  9. You can download the online instructions manual from the Canon official website to configure and set up the printer to your device.
  10. You have to keep the printer software updated to let it work effectively and make sure to service it timely to avoid any interruptions in your work.
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Why Is My Wireless Canon Printer Not Printing

It is common to face connectivity issues in the wireless Canon printer while working.

However, the issue you are facing at that moment may be due to some technical issues that you can troubleshoot by yourself. Some usual reasons can arise wireless connectivity issues in your printer.

  1. Your printer driver is not compatible with the PC version or settings.
  2. Internet speed is not good enough to run the printing job.
  3. Your WIFI connection network does not work well.
  4. Your connection is restricted to access the devices.
  5. Your printer does not add as the default device.
  6. You may not accurately install the printer settings.

These are the few easy but powerful troubleshooting steps to help you to resolve the Canon printer WIFI connectivity error.

  1. You can troubleshoot the WIFI connectivity issue through the Troubleshooting Problems issue. You have to click right on the network icon, open that option, and follow the displayed steps.
  2. Check the WIFI settings of the PC and make sure that the printer should not be restricted to access the internet, and it must set a default.
  3. If you cannot find the network error, then you can reboot the whole WIFI network. Disconnect the devices from the WIFI and unplug the main power source cable, now reconnect them simultaneously after 30 seconds minimum.
  4. Make sure that the printer driver is set based on the PC version or the Windows operating system. You can reinstall it to fix the default settings automatically.
  5. You can resolve my Canon printer is not printing error, using the steps below.
  • On the Wireless Canon Printer click the Setup button and open the Wireless LAN setup option,
  • Open the Easy setup and go to Access Point.
  • Now type the WIFI password, click OK, and insert the setup disk in your PC to run the setup program.
  • You will install the Canon printer to your device by these steps, open the Easy Install option, and click Install.
  • When you locate your printer on the network, click on that option and go to the next step to complete the installation process.
  • When the installation is complete, check if the printer connection problem gets resolved or not.
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Canon Printer Not Printing Black

The reasons your Canon printer does not print black ink are below.

  1. Clogged print head nozzles can restrict your printer from releasing the black ink.
  2. Black ink toner is low or empty, or it dried out due to which it is not printing black.
  3. Your black ink cartridge needs cleaning to work properly.

Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing Black

You will be able to print using the black ink once again by following the below guide. These are the steps to clean the ink cartridge to resolve this error.

  1. Turn on your Canon printer and insert some paper into the tray and now open the paper output tray and then output tray extension.
  2. Now you need to select the Setup option from the control panel and then select the tools.
  3. Go to the Maintenance Menu and enter into it by clicking OK.
  4. Choose the Deep Cleaning option, click OK and confirm it by clicking OK.
  5. Now the cleaning process will start, and you can restart your system after a while (3 minutes minimum) and press OK to print the confirmation, and the error canon printer not printing black will be resolved.

You can contact Canon customer service to find the solution to these problems by talking to their technical team if neither of the troubleshooting options works for your printer.

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