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How To Troubleshoot TurboTax Error 190?

One of the leading tax preparation software in the USA, TurboTax is increasingly becoming the first choice of many users. However, issues occur when you encounter TurboTax error 190 which restricts you from performing any action using the software. Here in this blog post, we will discuss some simple yet effective troubleshooting techniques to resolve the TurboTax error code 190. But before that, you must understand why this error occurs and what the factors that lead to the issue are:

What Is TurboTax Error Code 190?

One of the most common error codes of TurboTax, error code 190 usually indicates an issue with the installation process of the software. Encountering this issue while using a Mac device will create a read/write issue; however, if you are using a Windows computer, you will encounter an unknown device error.

Symptoms of TurboTax Error 190

While most of the TurboTax error codes have similar symptoms, the below-mentioned are the ones that differentiate the TurboTax error code 190 from the rest:

  • TurboTax Error code 190 will pop up on your screen
  • Ongoing TurboTax window will crash
  • Your computer will run extremely slow and may crash frequently
  • Your system will start freezing quite often
  • You cannot install the software on your system

Instances may happen when the error notification is repeatedly displayed on your computer screen, if not addressed immediately. Another trait of the TurboTax 190 error and the TurboTax error 1603 is that it can delete some of your TurboTax files from your system and create new ones. However, you can also recover those lost files by following some simple troubleshooting techniques. Lastly, the occurrence of TurboTax error code 190 brings a sudden drop in the internet speed as well as your system’s performance.

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Causes of TurboTax Error 190

Identifying the reason behind the occurrence of TurboTax error code 190 will help you in resolving the issue more effectively and quickly. While there could be multiple reasons behind the TurboTax error 190, below-mentioned are some of the most common reasons:

  • Improper installation of the TurboTax program on your computer.
  • Installation of the incorrect graphics driver on your computer.
  • Compatibility issues between the TurboTax software and your computer system.
  • Presence of virus or malware in the system.
  • Insufficient hard disk storage on your computer.

Tips To Resolve the TurboTax Error Code 190

Troubleshooting the 190 error code of TurboTax requires you to perform the following steps:

Perform a fresh TurboTax installation

  • First, click on the “Start New Return” option on the system.
  • Once your report prompts, click on the Taxes tab.
  • Next, download the reports.
  • Close the TurboTax program on your computer.
  • Reopen TurboTax and open the file with the error to check if it still exists.

Run Disk Cleanup

  • First of all, create a backup of your files.
  • Delete the files on your hard drive to create some space.
  • Clear the cache files on your computer system, and then reboot it.
  • Now, you need to perform the disk cleanup process.
  • Right-click on the Local Disk (C:) and click on Properties.
  • Click on the Disk Cleanup option and wait until Windows performs Disk Cleanup.

Close conflicting programs on your computer

  • Open Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together.
  • Under the Processes tab, stop the running programs one by one by selecting them and clicking the “End Task” option.
  • Ensure that the TurboTax error 190 doesn’t occur when you complete stopping other programs on your system.
  • Once you stop every running application on your computer, you may perform a fresh installation of the software.
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Ensure your drivers are updated

  • Visit the driver manufacturer’s official site to download the latest version of that driver.
  • Right-click on the “My Computer” icon.
  • Click on Manage, and then select Device Manager.
  • Have a walkthrough of the various hardware component listings.
  • Select the driver that requires an update.
  • Right-click on the driver that needs an update, and click on the “Update Driver” option.
  • Once the driver update process is completed, restart your computer and check if the TurboTax error 190 is resolved.

Update your antivirus

To ensure the protection of your computer from online threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, and trojan, it is crucial to update your antivirus frequently. Besides, updating it also ensures the elimination of TurboTax error code 190. Always ensure that your antivirus is updated with the latest version and that you scan your system files regularly. Also, you can run Windows Update to get the latest virus definition and fix.

Install a fresh copy of Windows OS

In case the above-mentioned methods don’t work, perform a fresh installation of the Windows OS on your computer to fix TurboTax error code 190. That being said, you should consider this action as the last way to fix this issue as installing a fresh copy of the operating system will erase all the data stored on your computer. In addition, performing a fresh installation of Windows OS will delete any junk files that have accumulated during the prolonged use of your computer.

While the 190 error code TurboTax restricts you from performing any action using the software, you can follow the various troubleshooting methods listed here to get rid of it in no time.

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