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What Is Facebook Jail and How To Get Out of It?


Whether it is about promoting your business or connecting with your loved ones, Facebook has made a considerable space in almost everyone’s lives. That said, it becomes really important to adhere to the rules and regulations set by Facebook, so that you can refrain from landing to something awkward, such as Facebook Jail. Yes, continued infractions of Facebook User Policy can put you in Facebook Jail. While the term has no relation to a physical jail, encountering this has certain repercussions, such as suspension of the Facebook account. However, you can ensure strict adherence to the user policy and guarantee uninterrupted services from Facebook.

Read on to explore how you can avoid a Facebook Jail, and gather some useful insights into using your Facebook account, starting today.

What Is Facebook Jail?

Before we discuss how to get out of a jail on Facebook, let’s understand what actually a Facebook Jail is. It is an urban term coined by Facebook users to indicate that a person is blocked or banned from accessing his/her Facebook account or posting on Facebook due to violation of Facebook User Policy. Instances like sending multiple friend requests, posting inappropriate content, posting too fast, giving multiple likes, etc. can lead your Facebook account to freeze for hours, and even days.

So, whether it’s a deliberate or accidental violation of Facebook’s terms & conditions, you can be put into a Facebook Jail.

How Long Is Facebook Jail?

Depending on the seriousness of offense, the penalties of Facebook range from being banned from posting to complete restriction from signing into your account. So, if you are wondering how long does Facebook Jail last, then it can last from two hours to up to 21 days. You might see the below-mentioned screen, also known as Facebook Jail Report, on your screen:


How Do I Know If I’m in Facebook Jail?

Facebook doesn’t send you any notification stating that your account has been kept on hold. In most cases, users get to know that they are in Facebook Jail when they try to post something on their account, or send any messages to someone. All they can see is a dreaded message on the screen: You can’t post right now!


Even if you receive an alert from Facebook stating that your account is being limited, you can’t do anything as it will be too late. It often leads Facebook users to search for answers to queries like how to find out if you are in Facebook Jail.

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Below-mentioned is the list of instances from which you will come to know that your account is being kept on hold by Facebook:

  • You can’t post anything on your timeline or any pages or groups
  • You can’t like anyone’s pictures or posts
  • You can’t comment on anyone’s posts or reply to anyone else’s comments
  • You will be restricted from accessing your Facebook account or your page

Users often search answers to questions like how do you know if you are in Facebook Jail. Whenever they try to log into their Facebook account, they will get to know that their Facebook account is not active or has limited access to certain features.

In case you are barred from posting anything on your Facebook profile, it means that you also can’t publish to any of your Facebook pages. Such instances can be a serious issue, especially if you are the one who manages all the social media accounts for your clients. As such, this can create a huge impact on your business and hamper brand reputation.

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Best Practices To Avoid Facebook Jail

In general, we don’t really go through those lengthy terms and conditions whenever we sign up for a contract or avail any service. Same is applicable when most of us ignore reading the terms and conditions of Facebook. As such, we accidentally commit mistakes and sometimes fail to adhere to the user policy. However, you can follow the below-mentioned pointers that will save you from getting into a Facebook Jail:

  • Ensure that there is a time interval between posts on Facebook
  • Refrain from posting inappropriate content such as pictures or memes that can lead to trouble
  • Send less than 50 friend requests in a day
  • Ensure that you are not joining 10 Facebook groups in a day
  • Be careful when you tag or add people
  • Don’t use spam images or videos
  • Ensure that you aren’t logging into multiple devices at a time
  • Refrain from using scripts or automated software for posting your content
  • Don’t use fake accounts. Use your real identity, i.e., your real name and be yourself
  • Refrain from posting similar content across groups at a time
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Alternate Ways to Avoid Getting Into Facebook Jail

While the above-mentioned are some of the basic do’s and don’ts, you can follow the below-mentioned to ensure uninterrupted services from Facebook.

  1. Ensure that your Facebook profile has complete information. Prolonged existence of half information can lead Facebook to flag it as incomplete. Besides, if you post anything to a group or community having an incomplete profile, Facebook can mark your account as spam. Hence, it is recommended that your “About” page and Facebook account details are complete.
  2. Ensure that your Facebook account is verified via mobile. You need to add your mobile phone number to your account and verify it. This will give Facebook an opportunity to show that you are a human and your account is not fake or run by a bot. Further, it will help you eliminate the risk of being marked as a spammer, which can result in Facebook to block your account.
  3. Refrain from sending too many messages on Facebook. Sending messages via Facebook is advantageous if you are using them properly. However, if you are not, things can get worse. Instances occur when someone sends a message to a person whom he/she doesn’t know. In such cases, such Facebook accounts can be marked as spam. Additionally, sending multiple messages in a short period of time can lead to suspension of your Facebook account or at least restrictions on posting anything on your account for some time.
  4. Don’t post too often on your Facebook account. You must know the quantity of content that can be posted on Facebook in a day. This will help you avoid getting into Facebook Jail. A maximum of 5-6 posts per day is sufficient to increase your reach and engagement. As the main motive of posting is to influence people so that they visit your website and get insights into your business, it is not required to share in-depth information about your business via posts on Facebook. Posting repeated or multiple content on your profile can lead Facebook to take unwelcoming actions against your account.

Tips To Get Out Of Facebook Jail

Now that you have read what Facebook Jail is all about, you might wonder how to get out of Facebook Jail. As a good practice, you must adhere to the user policy of Facebook that will eliminate the risk of getting you in the sentence. However, if you are already in this situation, you can follow the below-mentioned tips to get out of Facebook Jail:

  1. Complete The Sentence: One of the basic ways to get out of the Facebook Jail is to serve or complete the sentence. Once your sentence is over, Facebook will notify you when you can access your account and unblock the available features.
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  1. Submit an Appeal: In case you don’t want to wait long to serve the sentence, you can appeal for a review. Once your review is analyzed, Facebook will send you the response to your appeal via email. It may happen that Facebook rejects your appeal and blocks your account permanently.
  2. Sign Up For a New Account: Instances may happen that all the above-said tips to get out of Facebook Jail fails and your existing account is blocked. In such cases, you can create a new account on Facebook. However, this may not be a preferred choice for business owners or marketers, sometimes this is only how they can move forward. All you need to do is go to the Facebook page and click on the “Create an Account” link to sign up for a new account.

Final Thoughts

It is undoubtedly a fact that Facebook allows you to stay socially active and connect with your loved ones easily. However, it is equally important to adhere to the rules and regulations set by Facebook, failing which you can go to a Facebook Jail, which means your account may be locked temporarily or suspended permanently. Posting inappropriate content, images, or videos, spreading hatred, sending too many messages at a time and sending too many friend requests in a day can lead Facebook to put a ban on your account.

Follow the various ways of getting out of the Facebook Jail as mentioned here and adhere to the best practices. This will ensure you lead an uninterrupted service from one of the leading social media platforms today.

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