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Yahoo Mail Error 18 fixes with common reasons, symptoms, and solutions

Yahoo is one of the top email service providers; however, it comes with many temporary error codes. These error codes of Yahoo can be fixed instantly, and out of these error codes, there is one primary Yahoo error code 18. In case you wish to get rid of the errors, sign out from the Yahoo mail from all the devices and make sure that OS and browsers are updated. In case if that is not updated, then re-install or update to get rid of all the errors. Finally, then clear the cache and reset the browser setting.


What is Yahoo Mail Error 18?

Yahoo error code 18 is one of the most common errors that most users face while using Yahoo mail. Generally, Yahoo Mail error code 18 occurs when there is any technical glitch or some internet connection problem. Numerous people have reported that they cannot open the Yahoo inbox because of Yahoo Mail temporary error 18.

Common symptoms for Yahoo error 18


Some of the common symptoms for Yahoo mail error 18 are mention below

  • In case your OS is outdated, you will see Yahoo error code 18 on your screen
  • In case your browser is not updated, then Yahoo Mail error code 18 appears.

Yahoo Mail temporary server error 18 is one of the most common Yahoo error, and it often appears on the users’ screen. There are several reasons why this error occurs, and also it is effortless to fix it.

What are the causes/ reasons behind Yahoo Mail temporary error code 18?

Yahoo mail error code 18 causes – Know the top reasons for Yahoo mail temporary error 18

  • Usually, Yahoo mail error 18 occurs on the screen in case your OS is outdated
  • In case if you do not update the browser, then Yahoo mail error code 18
  • If the system is fully infected due to malware infection or viruses, Yahoo mail error 18 appears.
  • Yahoo error code 18 is also caused when registry files are corrupted
  • You see this issue on the screen when the users do not clear the cache on your system then also Yahoo Mail temporary server error 18.
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How to fix Yahoo Mail error code 18?

Below are some of the smooth solutions to eliminate the Yahoo mail error code 18 from your screen. Have a look at the answers.

Most of the time, restarting the system can resolve this error from the system. So primarily, users should restart the system and then again check if the problem still exists or not then later, you can move on. It is one of the fundamental solutions if you’re searching for How to fix Yahoo Mail error code 18.

  • Update your System for Yahoo Mail Error 18 Fix

Error 18 yahoo mail occurs when you’ve not updated your system time, and in this case, you observe Yahoo Mail error code 18 on your screen. So, you need to check whether the update is available or not, and for this, you also need to follow specific instructions appropriately.

  • Remove Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 18 by Updating the Browser

Users can eliminate Yahoo mail error 18 by updating their browser by following the easy steps mentioned below:

      • Open your browser window
      • Go to the menu section
      • Click on help
      • See whether the latest version is available or not. If available click on the update option, and then the update will start
      • Once the process is complete, reboot your system
  • Check your Internet Connection to Error 18 Yahoo Mail

This error often appears when your internet connection is low, and hence it is suggested to check the internet connection first. Moreover, if you’re using wifi and still facing Yahoo Mail temporary server error 18, you need to connect the system you’re using to an Ethernet cable. After all of this, check whether the Yahoo mail is opening or not.

  • Scan the System to Rectify Yahoo Mail temporary server error 18
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Run a full scan on your system to rectify Yahoo mail error 18. You can also use the SFC tool to scan your device and follow the below-mentioned steps.

      • Press the Win+X key to open the menu list and click on the command prompt option. Simultaneously, go to the search box and type cmd and right-click on the same and choose run as administrator option.
      • Type SFC in the command prompt window and then hit the enter button to run this command
      • Once it is done, then restart your system.
  • System Restore Can Also Help to Yahoo Mail Error 18 Fix

It is another option to fix Yahoo mail error 18. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to perform the system restore.

      • Open the list by clicking on the start button
      • Right click on the computer
      • Click on the Properties option
      • In the control panel window you have to click on Protection section from the left side of the panel
      • System Properties window will then open and then click on the Protection section
      • Click on System Restore
      • Click on OK button to restore your system and fix Yahoo Mail temporary server error 18

This clearing of cache data improves the web browser’s performance, and often the cache data is one of the significant reasons for error 18 yahoo mail occurrences. So, clear your cache data primarily.

  • Sign Out from your Yahoo Mail and Solve Error 18 Yahoo Mail Issue

In case the Yahoo error code 18 persists, then you need to sign out from your Yahoo mail and then sign in again. This might fix Yahoo mail error 18.

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The above-mentioned solutions will surely help you remove Yahoo error code 18 from your system and use Yahoo mail smoothly. These solutions mentioned above will remove Yahoo mail temporary error 18 easily from your device. However, if you still face the same, you can ask for expert help to eliminate this Yahoo error code 18.

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